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Tips For Finding Jobs For Finance Graduates With No Experience (1)

Tips For Finding Jobs For Finance Graduates With No Experience

Graduating with a course in finance is a great achievement in one’s life. The next chapter is landing a job in this very competitive job market. However, the biggest challenge comes when one does not have the experience required to get them a better job. There are some things one can do in order to improve their skills hence get the best jobs. These are the tips for finding jobs for finance graduates with no experience.

Focus on the company and not the job

In one’s job search, they should focus on a company they would want to be part of rather than focusing on a particular job. One can do this by signing up for the company’s newsletters or just be involved in their surveys. You can be sure when an opportunity arises they will contact you. This is better than focusing on a particular vacancy in the company which may never really come.


This is essential as it gives one an opportunity to meet other professionals in the field of finance. One can join professional websites like LinkedIn. These forums not only provide professional advice but also give one a chance to meet potential employers. More to that, one should still talk to friends and relatives in case they know a place where they are hiring. Though some may not know anyone who can hire you, they may also advise you or better still refer you to someone who could connect you with someone else who is hiring. This increases one’s chances of getting a job.

Tips For Finding Jobs For Finance Graduates With No Experience (1)

Work on your resume

This is what is going to sell you to your potential employers. Since one does not have any experience in this field, it is important that they focus on the skills they have acquired from the courses learnt in the finance certificate, degree or diploma. More to that, no matter what other experience you may have put it on your resume even if it is not finance related. You never know that other experience you consider irrelevant may give you a cutting edge above the rest.

When it comes to finding jobs for finance graduates with no experience, do any job so long as it is the company you really wanted to work for. Start from the opportunity you get there and then work your way up to your dream job. No matter how low that position may be but one day you will use it to your advantage.